Haringey Parking Service - Greed or Incompetance?

grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
On Sat 19 August I find a parking ticket on my car, my car had been in the same spot for a few days. It says the car was parked in a restricted area on 18 August.....more info online. Go online. Photos of car and parking suspension notices shown online. Photos blurred so text of notice cannot be read and notices placed so they could not be seen very clearly. Challenged ticket based on these two points and the fact I was convinced no prior notice to 18 August was given. Response was that the suspension was for Emergency Repairs and no notice is required for an emergency. Strange but true councils can suspend parking with no notice in case of emergency. Received official PCN demanding £120. Made formal representations stating that there is no evidence of any work being carried out on 18 August and if I am mistaken perhaps they could explain what works were done and why it was an emergency?
4 months later council drop the fine and explain there were "problems" with the parking notices.

So in summary, without notice, a parking suspension was put up and taken down the same day, I was issued with a ticket when I shouldn't have been but when I challenged it they still attempted to defend it over a 4 month period.

Nice. Don't let them win!

Rant over.


  • The latter I suspect - incompetence. good luck holding elected representatives to account - Labour could have put up Mira Hidley as a candidate in Haringey and still won.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    @marko back in Aug or Sept we were outraged that this could happen and clearly something had gone wrong in the process of suspension notices, although we were not sure exactly what as we saw no notices or evidence or works, we did write to councillors who replied to say they do not get involved in parking matters. I don't have an issue with that really as I would hope they spend more time on more critical problems. I hope this sort of thing doesn't happen often as the council spent 4 months trying to defend £120. It will have cost that at least in staff costs in correspondence etc and so is a loss to the council and a complete waste of time. No apology given to me.

    Agree with you entirely on your Labour point.
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    You could try a Freedom Of Information request. You can also use your rights under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act (Data subject access request) to get all data pertaining to your case.

    For maximum embarrassment, include your Data Subject Access Request in the middle another letter to the parking enforcement team, and then escalate when the council inevitably breaks the law by not responding to it. Make sure you get proof of posting for the letter to avoid detail of it being received. (supposedly a proof-of-posting card is enough, but you can use recorded delivery to be extra sure).
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I don't want to waste any more of my own time. Just thought it was worth highlighting what a shambles they are. Would have been happy to pay the fine if it was due.
  • Hey Marko your comment about Labour candidates doesn't say much for the quality of LibDems which they wiped out last time
  • I think it said more about the state of national politics at the time to be honest.
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