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THERE OR HERE, at Park Theatre- £10 tickets for preview performances ends 31/12/2017

Hi All,

Thank you for the help with the rehearsal space suggestions. We contacted Hanley Crouch and are hoping to use a room in their new building in the new year. They are very lovely over there.

I hope that this is still appropriate to post here but, should you want to come and see the play, there's a £10 ticket offer for the three preview performances from 23rd-25th January. The code is INDIA10 and you can book here: and it's valid until the end of today.

There's another offer after 31st December and that's for £12 tickets for previews and you can book up until 12th January. The code is THERE12.

If you do come along, do stay and say hello - if you enjoyed it! I'm the only Lucy in the cast so easy to identify.

All the best,

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