Common Ground


  • oh good. we needed a cafe.
  • Well, lets not judge before we see it. Even though I tend to go less out for breakfast/coffee that I used to, I sometimes feel the offer for nice brunch on Stroudgreen could be slightly better... So maybe Common Ground will fill this gap...
  • The website looks promising, let's see! spoilt for choice is an understatement
  • > We’re based in a former butcher’s (which explains the tables made from left behind butcher blocks) but our food offering is meat free.

    So it'll smell like stale meat, yummmmm.
  • TBF, I might have been sarcastic up thread, but I do like a good coffee shop. :smile:
  • I stopped drinking coffee last summer, never really been a fan. If the tea or hot chocolate offer is any good I might have a look.
  • In my attempt to reduce plastic use, like the good boy I am, I've acquired one of those thermos mug things. Pret give you 50p off if you bring one, so their filter coffee is now less than 50p a go. This is making it difficult for me to be tempted by better, independent coffee places, which makes me feel bad (but also richer).
  • There's also White Blossom where Hettie used to be.

    It amazes me how many coffee shops there are in crouch end and how busy they are. It seems a similar pattern is forming in n4. I tried walnut yesteday for brunch which was very very good.

    In other areas of london high streets are filled with empty units, probably due to high rents, but it's good to see people in n4 trying to push business.
  • Coffee shops can afford the high rent. A coffee (however good it is), costs between 3 pence and 10 pence in ingredients and a barista paid about £8 an hour can do about 50 or more £2.50 coffees an hour. Doesn't take much to turn a huge profit.
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    I have just bought two reusable BPA Camelbak water bottles and four Lifeventure reusable soup/coffee mugs. We aim to become as much as possible a single-use-plastic-free household, as soon as we can. Bring on the plastic-free supermarket aisle!
  • I've had a lovely thermal cup that I ask cafes to use for a long time now. Pleased that discounts for customers using them are coming.
  • Surely Uncommon Ground would have been a better name?
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  • Uncommon ground is a coffee roaster in Cardiff and is really good
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