Reiki Volunteer

Reiki Volunteer

Mind in Haringey is looking for a Reiki healer preferably grade 11 or master to volunteer for 4 hours a week to offer reiki healing to our clients at Mind in Haringey. Mind in Haringey is a mental health charity offering support to all residents of Haringey for over forty five years. We get no funding from local authority or the government all funds are raised through donations, private bids, or fundraising opportunities. So if you would like to offer your services to Mind in Haringey and volunteer for 4 hours a week please get in touch with or call 02083402474 ext 207 and ask to speak with Dave


  • Is that the one where you don't even touch the person? Just works purely by magic?
  • It's the glowy hands one. I briefly had a rescue cat at the same time as a Reiki-trained couchsurfing friend. Reiki did not work on the cat, alas.
  • Why is Mind spending it's funds on quackery instead of proven therapies?
  • Bloody good job Mind doesn't get any funding from govt. if it's being run by such credulous fools. "Grade 11 or master"—what utter bullshit! That's most likely to be a measure of how skilled the "therapist" is at being a con artist. I think you'll find that such outrageous charlatans such as reiki practitioners, faith healers, and psychics only do pro bono work if they can see it leading to more paid work, but this could be seen as an opportunity by some of them. Amazing that there are people in a position of responsibility in Mind that are so stupidly gullible.
  • I wonder if Mind donors are aware that their resources are being squandered in this way. Certainly it's the last time they get my money.
  • A few years ago i had a meal in Mind and it was all food that supermarkets would have otherwise binned.

    It was an excellent idea although I think the funding got pulled so it stopped, what a shame.
  • i agree re: reiki but note that it is a volunteer they are looking for so presumably no funding being wasted.

    @mindinharingey you could get in touch with Integrated Body Dynamics on Ferme Park Road, they have a range of therapists who may be willing to offer some time. Some of their practices are more based in reality than others.
  • Mmmm. If they're using space and time in the building then they're using resources that could otherwise be spent on things that actually work.
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    Not that surprising that Mind is giving it a go. Like many alternative therapies and pseudosciences it can be beneficial if you believe in it, and if you have severe mental health problems anything that makes you feel able to get through another day without causing you harm is worth doing. I wouldn't like to think it was used in place of conventional therapies, NLP and whatnot though.

    Yoga would be better and is proven to improve mental health, do they already offer that?
  • Literally anything would be better than reiki/not doing anything
  • They shouldn't use resources on placebos when they can use them on effective therapies. I agree that if they insist on doing so that it should only be used as a complement and not an alternative to things that actually work.
  • My old books going to Crisis now, except of course for the ones with invisible writing and magic spells.
  • Good luck with that @krappyrubsnif they have turned my last couple of attempts to donate books away. I get about 30 brand new books - travel, art, fiction, history, every genre - sent to me every month and I only ever keep around five. We put the rest out on the street now and they are whisked away quite speedily.

    I bought a nice signed first edition of Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' at Mind a few weeks ago. Two pounds! Bargain.
  • 'They' being Mind or Crisis @miss annie? I've taken in old books to both recently and they have always been gratefully received. If you have brand new books going you should put them up here and if there were any I fancied I would happily have one or two off you at charity shop prices and give the money to a charity of your choice. (I'm very choosy though, obv.)

    I find the simplest way to make a list of books is to pile them up and Instagram the titles......
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    Crisis. I generally find the people in there quite rude. Last Christmas they had a couple of large Christmas features in there that I was interested in buying for work. I asked how much and the man looked me up and down, laughed and said 'more than you can afford'. I appreciate that I may not have looked my most glamorous after a night of dressing Christmas trees but I had £250 petty cash to spend on some extra stuff and would gladly have paid that for them. Went to Liberty and spent it there instead.

    I cannot be bothered with instagramming or listing the books and I'm not bothered about making money from them as I get them free. I just want to leave them somewhere every month, neighbours and passers by spirit them away quickly enough.
  • I might start camping outside your house.
  • I do think the price of a coffee in Crisis too is a joke
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    The trouble is the therapies that are out there, antidepressants, antipsychotics, tricyclic depressants etc, aren't effective in a lot of people. Talking therapies have long waiting lists, aren't always offered to people who have psychosis. The NHS now partly to save money, pushes people much more into group therapy than individual therapy which also isn't for everyone. A counselling session would last 50 mins once a week, which leaves acres of time in the rest of the week.

    I don't know Haringey Mind that well, but like other Mind organisations they operate on a coproduction basis. Services are provided in conjunction with users, not just organised by 'credulous', staff for powerless clients. I guess Mind is working more at the sharp end of mental health and a lot of their users will have a mental health assessment which gives them a personal budget to spend on well-being activities. Haringey Mind charge a membership I think for their well-being activities, which includes head massage, tai chi, yoga etc. A lot of Mind's in London now have no funding and just get paid through user's personal budgets, acting like a market. Given the clientele is from North London it's little wonder there are a few users probably asking for Reiki. Integrated Body Dynamics 30 seconds down the road offer crystal healing. They are just providing what people want and what makes them feel good.

    Increasingly there's evidence that it isn't so much the talking therapy itself, but the connection with the therapist, the fact that they are being listened to and thought about, the routine and structure etc which is beneficial to people suffering with mental illness.

  • I was prescribed medication for an issue i had a couple of years ago which i was not happy about as it was not a cure but a mask.

    I had Cognitive behavioral therapy instead and was cured.

    I no nothing about Reiki but would rather try life force energy then anti-depressants!
  • CBT is a recognized and effective therapy though
  • Surely Mind must think Reiki is effective, the NHS do by all accounts.
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    Just wondering what these effective therapies are. Has someone found a cure for schizophrenia or being bipolar? They're often enduring long term illnesses, with episodes where hopefully there's improvement. Everyone will have their own way of recovering. If they want to include, yoga, line dancing, pottery, volunteer work, making cakes, increasing their social network or reiki in that, good luck to them.

    Years ago, people would have thought it odd to suggest meditation helped mental illness, but now mindfulness is everywhere.

    Treatment as usual now is normally a depot injection every fortnight, possibly a group therapy group once a week to go to and a care coordinator who will ring a couple of times a week asking about your eating, sleep and if you have any suicidal thoughts.

    If you have any serious type symptoms, CBT, delivered through the IAPT service won't touch you.

    If you got a lot of medics in a room it is unlikely they would agree on what effective treatments were. Some would say they know that what they're doing really isn't working and they want to give up or dramatically change the way they work. The interest in the Scandinavian system of Open Dialogue is one example of an alternative treatment that that some London trusts are trialling as a result of this realisation.
  • True enough. We are better in general at controlling symptoms via antipsychotics and so on; but we are not much closer to either permanently curing or explaining mental disorder than we were five hundred years ago. Given all the research on the power of placebo - and given our general state of at best very partial knowledge - if some people find reiki helps, why not.
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