Stroud Green Market Update

Happy New Year everyone!
Just want to say thanks to everyone who has come to the market. It still runs EVERY SUNDAY in Stroud Green School, Perth rd side, opposite the faltering fullback.

This Sunday there's a free bike checkup service (until 1:30) & live music (around midday).

Other news is that thanks to the great tolerance & open-mindedness of everyone at SG school, DOGS ARE NOW WELCOME in groups/packs of 3 or less. Please do pass this news on to anyone who may have been put off coming!

If you'd like to know what's going on, which stalls are attending etc you can look at the website & even sign up for a newsletter if you like.

See you soon!
from Edmund


  • Shame that the fab Kally food stall seems to have gone - any news of their return?

    Came last week and got fed some kimchi by a local stall, then he casually mentioned there was fish in it. As a vegetarian for more than 30 years, had to spit it out.

    Been looking at recipes and ingredients, and it's not a usual ingredient, especially when we'd actually asked what was in it and he said it was fermented spiced cabbage.

    Really appalled he didn't mention it.
  • I think it's your responsibility to check if something fits your non-standard eating requirements.
  • Kimchi is rarely vegetarian, @rikki, it usually has some form of seafood in it, fish sauce or salted shrimp. There are vegetarian/vegan recipes out there but they'd be the exception rather than the norm. An easy mistake to make though.
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