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Homestore - local charity collecting furniture for free

If anyone needs to get rid of furniture in Hackney, Islington (and other East London boroughs - but not Haringey) I would recommend the charity Homestore, who pick up for free and sell cheap to local families. Dumping has got worse near us since Hackney started charging £15 for bulky waste removal and Homestore are doing sterling work.

I've found that the BHF have become fussy lately in what they take and Homestore took a desk that the BHF wouldn't because it was too big.

P.S. We are moving out of London tomorrow - I joined this site in March 2008 when I lived on Hatley Road in my second year of university. Although I've been living in Dalston/Stamford Hill for the past five years I've come back to SGR every month for book group and would always rather travel back for a Petek and Rowans night out than a Stoke Newington one. No doubt I'll keep checking the site regularly for a dose of outrage on outrage. Thanks for the good times, the new friends, the books I would never normally read, the now defunct knitting, the tomato seedlings etc. x


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