Plastic straws in bars in Stroud Green and N4

One thing I am exercised about is the needless pollution caused by plastic straws in cocktails and drinks. These are a major cause of single-use plastic pollution in the oceans, killing wildlife and littering beaches - it’s there for ever. This is entirely avoidable and plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants are switching to paper or biodegradable ones. The Standard has been running a big campaign on this.

In N4 some places have switched, many have not. They should. In Stroud Green the Stapleton Tavern and the White Lion are brilliant and have made a point of switching to paper straws, there must be other places that have too. They should be applauded.

What about the rest? I was in La Fabrica yesterday and asked a waitress about this, who was understandably baffled and just shrugged. I didn’t raise it with the owner or manager because he looked too busy.

How to apply pressure? Should we make a list of go-to environmentally friendly places, and name and shame places that still use plastic? In any case, I’d like to hear news of what other places are doing - good or bad.


  • Plastic water bottles, takeaway coffee cups, carrier bags. All easy to boycott.

    Just ask for no straw, explain why - the photo of the poor turtle or of the ocean of plastic in your wallet will make this easier. Speak to, or write to the establishment with your concerns. Or tweet them. There are plenty of people who are unconcerned or unaware. Vote with your wallet.
  • Paper straw in my drink at Walnut last night so presumably they've made the switch too.
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    Actually you can't drink some cocktails without a straw. I got wise to this after trying to drink a plastic straw-free mojito somewhere - too much ice.

    I agree with you @missannie. It's not just a matter of personal preference as to how your drink is served. If you don't make the point, nothing will change. Bartenders need to be made aware.

    Here endeth the lesson for today.
  • My daughter got a paper straw in the Brave Sir Robin the other day too.
  • North nineteen now only serves biodegradable straws. And only provided when requested.
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