Changes to Haringey parking permits

Looks like Haringey is changing parking permits. I've just stocked up on one and two hour visitor permits , before the prices double.


  • I found it annoying the way the letter tried to make it sound like an improvement and not a massive price hike.
  • Visitor's permit to increase from 35p to 80p per hour and no 2 hour tickets.
  • Seems like if your between 60 and 65 the parking charge doubles as the consesions age is increased with what looks like no protection for current discount holders
  • Does any one know when this will implemented?
  • How long can I expect it to take for visitor permits to arrive once I've ordered them, any ideas?
  • Usually takes a week
  • Ta. Still waiting for my online account to be set up before I can order them, but need them for 22 May.
  • You should be OK, I think.
    You could try posting your zone letter and see if anyone here has a spare for you
  • Mmmm, it's the Stroud Green Zone (SG) if that's the 'zone letter'?
  • Don't know if this works in Haringey, but in Islington you can go and queue at the town hall and buy on the spot. Tiresome and time consuming, but handy in emergencies.
  • I can lend you some for the Zone to the south of you that covers Lancaster and the bottom of oakfield road
  • Kate - I think in Islington now you can do everything online, put registration number, pay and you're done? Not sure if price has changed, though.
  • Thanks joust - will take you up on that if they don't arrive in time!
  • @TheMimsy yes, I've just signed up for e vouchers - don't know if they do them in Haringey though. And they're run by ringgo who are part of the massively irritating shift to pay-by-phone only parking meters, so I don't feel very positive about them!
  • If anyone wants any Finsbury Park C vouchers, I'll happily sell my remaining ones at 50% off. I've still got loads from before we moved and Haringey wouldn't let me trade them in for our new CPZ (after saying they would)
  • Islington introduced a new thing so last time we had to buy them, you needed to prove your address with your council tax bill or similar.

    Nevermind the fact that it is my council, issues my council tax bill, and knows that I live there and have a residents permit.

    So the best-placed organisation to know if I live there is... Islington Council.

  • Islington also appear not to be reminding people to renew yearly parking permits which is great when you no longer have a visual reminder in the front of your car.


    Mind you when i sold my car a few years ago and accidentally left the permit in the front Islington made me go to the police station and report the permit stolen to get a crime number before issuing me a new one.
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