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Traffic due to Crouch Hill closure

Hi all

Does anyone have concerns about the increase in traffic on local roads now that Crouch Hill is closed until the end of April? I've noticed a huge surge in traffic on Japan Crescent/Mount Pleasant Crescent/Mount Pleasant Villas since yesterday, a lot of it speeding. I imagine Blythwood Road is the same.

I accept that there's inevitably going to be an increase during this period, but a lot of people use it as a rat run already, especially mornings/evenings, and that seems to have suddenly become dramatically worse. If other people feel the same, maybe we should approach our local councillors?


  • yep, Blythwood Rd - big increase in speeding cars here, especially at rush hour times.
  • I've emailed our local councillors, who say my comments will be passed on to whoever's dealing with this. Not expecting much to change though.

    One the problem seems to be that Crouch Hill is closed northbound right by the turning for Japan Crescent, and all the idiots who ignore the big ROAD CLOSED AHEAD signs just turn right there and carry on. It would make sense to temporarily close that turning, or at least make it no entry.
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