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Carpenter to repair windows

I have been going through all the threads regarding new wooden sash windows
but thought maybe someone could repair our existing dodgy single glazed ones instead.
Any recommendations? Trying to find the best way to insulate them, has anyone found
shutters to be a good option?


  • In what way are they dodgy?

    You can get them refurbished - which usually consists of taking the sashes out, removing excess old paint, servicing the cord, pulleys and weights and then fitting draft-proof beadings.

    The cills and bottom of the box frames tends to be the first thing to rot. It's a fairly common repair to have these replaced at the same time. And replacement single-glazed sashes (it's always the bottom one that rots) are not that expensive.

    In some cases it's possible to replace single glazed sashes with double. Mostly depends on having enough width and space in the courter-weight frame for extra weights.
    I priced this up for my bay - which I'd previously had refurbished as described above. In the end, complete replacement was about 30% more.
  • Which refurbishment company did you use. I have found quite a few but in the end would prefer to have someone who has been recommended. The windows have rotted sections at the point where the two windows meet. Have filled these many times, but need some professional to make them look good again.
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