Aldi Archway

I was looking forward to buying some sausages made with grenade level chilli powder, but no. People are trying to block the store as it will sell alcohol?!

You have to wonder where people have their priorities when instead of, you know, helping homeless people with addiction they spend time blocking an Aldi in case they buy booze there.



  • Every corner shop in Archway sells booze. Noth been up there for a few months but from memory I can think of five, less than five minutes walk from the tube.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It must be very cheap booze to get everyone so upset. Must be cheaper than the other options. Maybe a load of shop owners objected.
  • It's happening, grenade sausages coming my way after all.

    Love the logic of the anti voter:

    “There’s enough alcohol in Archway,” she told the committee. “I don’t object to the actual shop. But the last thing we need is more drunk people than there are already.

    “There’s a huge amount of crime – kids on mopeds robbing people – and more alcohol doesn’t make the situation better.”
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