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Local builders and cleaners - looking for recommendations

Hello SG!

We are looking for recommendations for trusted local service providers;

1. Cleaning Services - we would prefer to employ a local individual rather than use one of the bigger agencies.

2. Builders - we are hoping to start work on a new kitchen and bathroom. We would be grateful to hear about or from reliable and affordable builders.

Thank you
Claire x


  • Hi Claire, I'm afraid I'm not a builder - but I'm a painter and decorator who has worked for several people in the Stroud Green area. Please contact me if you, or anyone else, will need decorating services. Hope your new kitchen and bathroom progress well! My number is 07779 280047. Thanks, Anni
  • Search on builders and you will see this subject comes up quite often
    We have used the Nugent brothers who did a good job. They have done quite a few conversions around here so are around quite a bit
    An example of their work in on the corner of Perth Rd and SGR as they did up the old Irish house which is not rented flats
    If you look closely some nice little references to the house history
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