White Lion closed

White Lion closed tonight due to an 'incident'. Police attended. Any further intelligence?


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    No idea but has anyone met the couple of mentalists that populate the bar (eyes like piss holes in the snow)?

    Genuinely puts me off going in there, and trust me i am not a shrinking violet!
  • What sort of tricks for they do ?
  • The last time I was in there was a sweating shirtless guy dancing like a loon.
    The music playing was 90s chart pop.
  • Haven't been in for a while. Sounds like it's gone downhill. Bring back Wetherspoons!
  • Mentalists are a type of magician
  • If these were magicians they would be called the nawty geezers
  • Sounds like the old punters have returned.
  • Are you sure it's not a Shamen revival?
  • The shirtless guy was summoning up the Stroud Green of the 90s? He's a good..
  • It actually is like the 90's in there, maybe the gastro pub is finally dead.

    Guy on the 1s and 2s last night, lots of fully ironed Ben Sherman going on as well, i was tempted to run home and dig my Patrick Cox loafers out as it happens.

    No door staff surprisingly and i don't really remember so many neck tattoos (except the odd swallow) when i were a lad.
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    There's going to be a lot of people walking around in about 20 years regretting some tattoos, I suspect.

    I'm sure they'll tell you now that they won't, but when today's trainee accountant / weekend hipster with a neck tat turns into a chubby company director / weekend golfer living in the Shires, they're going to look a right plum.
  • The 'incident' last week was a bit of trouble with some travellers.

    I like the White Lion, though think standards have slipped since Andy and most of his team left. The place is currently between managers so hopefully things will pick up when the new guy starts.

    I do wonder who walks into a pub and thinks 'you know what this place needs? A DJ'.
  • A friend of mine once had a small tattoo of a bird applied to her upper back. 20 years later it looks like someone ran over a bat.
  • 'I do wonder who walks into a pub and thinks 'you know what this place needs? A DJ'.

  • 'I do wonder who walks into a pub and thinks 'you know what this place needs? A DJ’.

    Pub managers who want people to drink and not talk.
  • I walked in there a few months ago with a couple of friends. Some git with a double turntable setup just inside the door making an horrifying racket. Left after the first round because we couldn't converse. Even if we didn't want to chat, the noise level from the DJ was just stupid.

    I think the White Lion was at its best when in first opened (late '80s?); pseudo-Victorian it may have been, but the beer was decent, staff competent, and punters civilised. (Well, the indoor Victorian street lamp was beyond the pale, but…)

    About the only half-decent place to dring in SGR these days seems to be the Stapleton. Well it would be if lazy parents didn't let their undisciplined toddlers run about, screaming, in the restaurant area.
  • I think the Blackstock have got it right with noise levels and ambience, and i was a fan of the pub before the refurb as well.

    I think Paddy the Turk may have a hand in it which explains a lot, if you dont know (i.e never used to cash cheques) he is the guv'nor of The Dolphin in Mare Street.
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