small job for a plumber

I have used with success two plumbers found on this forum but now one can't fit me in till May (?) and the other won't answer a text, suspect the job is too small, a leaky toilet cistern...can anyone help


  • Youtube. No kidding - I've fixed everything from toilet cisterns to washing machines by checking out how a professional does it. So for eg, if dealing with water continuing to be released is your prob, try this

    And if I may be sexist as bedamned - I'm a girl...
  • its not that simple, its the seal at the bottom
  • Is it the seal where the pipe enters or the seal between the cistern and the actual toilet?
  • Silicone sealant. Take cistern off, empty and dry. Reattach, seal, leave sit, refill. I’ve also done this - it works.
  • That is not hygienic as bacteria feeds on Silicone, black mould is normally caused by bacteria having brunch on the side of your bath.

    You are better off using a non-setting compound, or just replacing the doughnut if it is a close coupled toilet.
  • You ask for a plumber, you get diy instructions ... I had a nice local man round to do a couple of small jobs a year or two ago - Paul O'Connor. I don't have a phone number but his email is Helpful and not expensive.
  • Also Andy at Atlantic Plumbing, 020 8361 3613, fixed something sounding very similar for me. He is based further north, and may not be round this area so much these days, but worth a go.
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    Top Tip: If you want time served tradesmen (or women) to return your call, do not tell them what is or is not 'only a small job'.
  • thanks kate for your recommendations, yes .. no inclination to do it myself! rather stick to what I am good at and give someone else some cash. Used a guy called Neil from Haringey forum, nice chap, very simple job so can't really say how skilful he is but he is a heating engineer too. North 4 have been great for boiler problems though
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