Missing black and white cat - Albany Road, N4


Our 6 year old neutered male cat, with red collar and bell, went out yesterday from Albany Road and hasn't returned. He isn't known for staying out this long so if you see him around, on the street or in your garden, please message me here. Link to picture:


He is called Mr T and is microchipped.

Thank you.


  • I live at the junction of MVR and Albany, and I think I see this cat now and again- including yesterday afternoon when he he was sniffing around near the yellow salt box and the huge plant with red flowers. I've seen him there before looking like he's eyeing up getting into the back garden there via the side door, but the gate itself is out of my sightline so I don't know whether he has a way in there or not.
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    (Not my back garden I should add, the house opposite)
  • Thanks Arkady - I know where you mean. Going to have a look around there now and put up some posters.
  • I'm not sure how to edit the title, but our cat has been found. He's very hungry but completely ok. Phew.

    Thank you to all the lovely people I have spoken to over the past few days and to those of you who checked your gardens/sheds.
  • Phew. Did he come home of his own accord or was he stuck somewhere?
  • Hooray! Purrfect! (Not very original but who cares?)
  • Arkady - seemingly of his own accord, though he may have been stuck somewhere. Perhaps he's been on a big adventure as he's not keen on leaving the house right now.

    Krappy - Purrfect indeed!
  • Were I allowed a cat, I'd definitely get one of those GPS collars. Partly for safety, partly because I think it would be fun to see where they were snooping off to/finding a second owner to feed them.
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    GPS cat collar - who knew! I'd love to know where he goes as he likes to bring us stuff from his travels. He even brought us a 'lost cat' poster once ...
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