The Edward Lear

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This pub has been shut for over a week now and actually looks like it has been gutted, it is also still receiving 5 star reviews on Google+ (one from 3 days ago and one from yesterday), things are becoming curiouser and curiouser.


  • So weird - nothing on their social channels. I’m not a regular but it always seemed busy enough. Can’t be a refurb surely - it’s only been ‘relaunched’ for a few years. Hope it’s not gone for good.
  • Google often hassles me to write reviews of places I went to a month or two ago. So that part isn't too unusual.

  • I heard it's reopening under new management and the people who have taken it over manage pubs in Brighton.
  • I was not convinced it was making money, it went from posh peanuts on silver platters to BOGOF beers and sky sports.

    I found the staff pretty surly in there at first (as did other people i know) so i generally do not bother to go in there when i can have a decent beer and talk to a human in so many other pubs like round there The Crown, Red Cap or The Swimmers.

    Only St John seem to have managed to crack that posh pub thing round here.

    I think they will reopen with a theme of say lots of sports, music or craft beers,

  • I thought the White Lion had gone posh but then noticed big TVs showing football when I walked past last night.
  • @miss annie i think they did exactly the same i.e. misinterpreted the market, i found the staff incredibly rude in the lion when it reopened as well.

    Who are these people who think that overpriced drinks and zombie 'server' staff is a good business model?
  • Got to love St John - they do it so well.
  • Yes St John really do do it so well, both sides are excellent and not even expensive in reality.

    Having a meal there a million years ago was what first made me think about actually going to restaurants and drinking wine, now i am a veteran of loads of overpriced places like Rules, Bistro Aix, anything with Ramsey in the title.
  • It was too hipster for that part of the road
  • The White Lion ‘dining room’ (which they originally poshed up as the ‘Great Hall' I believe) is now the sports TV and quiz room. Inevitable.
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    Revisited the Brave Sir Robin after many months this week. No TV, no gaming machines, not overly loud. Decent beer. Pleasant crowd. Food looks interesting. Worth the extra walk, I thought. I’ll be back.
  • I wish they sold a weiss beer though.
  • They have perry. Made with pears.
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    Perry, yep aka Babycham
  • Proper perry like proper cider is a man's drink.
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    Perry “made with pears”? Well bugger me with a fish fork! Who’d have thought it?
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    Well, there is a lot of 'cider' about, made with......blackcurrant, strawberry, mango, blueberries, maltesers... Alcopops really. Cider should be made with apples. I am a west countryman and this irks me.

    Babycham was indeed made from a weak perry base in Shepton Mallet I believe.

    Having said that I note that the BraveSirRobin is selling a rhubarb cider. Yuk. Oh and I'll pass on the fish-fork.
  • I suspect that, like wearing a pink shirt, it takes a man confident in his masculinity to drink Babycham in the open.

    While Babycham has ancient origins in west country druidic rites, I've heard tell that Cider was invented in 1948 by notorious misanthrope and mal viveur Warren Fitznorton of Norton Fitzwarren in an attempt to surpass Vimto (Ha! Fat chance!), being pressed from unwashed socks (later rotten apples) stolen from an army laundry, blended with urine samples from the local Hells Angels (later to become the Women's Institute) chapter. Those post-war years of austerity; the things people did to brighten their lives…

    Oh, and the fish fork was merely a figurative—rather than actual—device. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I saw a fish fork (or a fish knife for that matter). They used to be everywhere. What is this country coming to?
  • Scruffy, I feel that what you need is a good wassail. I have a friend in Somerset who does this every winter. I can recommend it. He makes great cider too, though as you say only invented in 1947.

    For the uninitiated, singing to the apple trees.

  • There's a wassail in Walthamstow every year and I went to one in Camley St nature reserve a few years ago. They are fun. Bonkers, but fun.
  • "RIP The Edward Lear, Long Live The Owl & Hitchhiker" - reopens Thursday 3rd May.

  • I don't remember any owls in the trilogy of five?
  • Now i get it, it is a mash up of Lear and Adams.

    It looks good, open late as well, hopefully the snowflake rent a mob noise complainers will not start.
  • Anyone that chooses to buy a house or rent a flat beside a pub just needs to accept that there will be noise until midnight (at least). I have no sympathy at all for people who complain about it.
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