Serious moped crash outside Finsbury Park station this morning

Two moped riders were injured in a police chase this morning after crashing outside Finsbury Park station in Seven Sisters Road.

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Can't say I have a great deal of sympathy, good the police are trying to tackle the problem.


  • Earlier on a car drove the wrong way up Green Lanes and turned off into Endymion Road straight over the red (again on the wrong side), they must have been doing 60mph, would have killed anyone crossing or even if they had a head on with another car.
  • Massive trafic jam Al the way both sides on the road from FP down past the Emeraites to Holloway Road
  • It will be an interesting test case.
  • I'm pretty sure the moped driver was going to be a QC and the pillion passenger was due to win the X factor next year.
  • What on earth does that comment mean HolbornFox?
  • To project future loss of earnings for the personal injury liability claim against the Met I think,
  • It was actually a comparison to the way that the media report on people that have been injured or murdered, story framing is the term for it I think.

    Almost as bad as when they quote from social media or the cards from flowers.
  • Where's the best place to report dangerous driving (dangerous riding?) by scooters, e.g. RK16 LHD, the senseless idiot?

    The number of times I've seen scooters speeding under the railway bridge at the bottom of Stroud Green Road, and typically jumping the red light for the pedestrian crossing, it's only a matter of time before there's a serious accident.

    If a scooter rider doing this is killed then good riddance, I genuinely wouldn't care, but it's dangerous for other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Speeding under the bridge *the wrong way* I omitted to mention
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