Trump.on Seven Sisters Road

Did anyone see him? He was staying with the America ambassador in Regents park and was traveling through on his way out of London


  • I don't believe he travelled anywhere by car, they helicoptered him around. I imagine we all saw the enormous helicopters going over last week? They were yuge, massive, the biggest!
  • Those opsreys were circling Finsbury Park, which did make me wonder whether the motorcade was coming through the area. Either that or just trying to put the willies up cosmopolitan north London.
  • Were they the big blue things?

    They look like something from a Marvel film.
  • Yes, they carry cars etc. They were circling over North London before his helicopter set off from Winfield House I believe.
  • Saw a US helicopter hovering over the march on Friday too. Probably with the tech to identify people of interest
  • I didn't see him, but his motorcade travelled along Seven Sisters Road en route to Stansted. Apparently there was much middle finger flipping from a great many people. Genuinely heartwarming!
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