Window Company - Timber Sash Bay Window -Recommendations?

grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
Can anyone recommend a company for the replacement / repair of timber sash windows?


  • Stroud green Windows (Bekim) near the corner of SGR and Albert Rd aren't bad. Had a couple of back room sash windows replaced by them a couple of years ago. Removal and fitting were good, but the initial painting was poor. When I complained about the paint job, to their credit, no questions asked, they sent a different painter along the next day, who scraped everything down and repainted. Still no professional painter (he over-brushed the paint, giving it a grainy effect, but at least it was consistent), but he did a neat enough job.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Thanks for that feedback. I asked them for a quote but stuck for other ideas and want to get another quote.
  • Reputable local firm, based at the end of Landseer Road.
  • The guys on in the railway arch at the Seven Sisters entrance to the station did my neighbour's and a couple of others down my road. They seem pretty good
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    i've had quite a few replacement timber windows from Bekim. The quality of the joinery and fitting is very good. External finish painting is not great (much of it is done in the factory conditions, so the finish of that is good) but then touched up on site after fitting (less so). The timber, in any case, reacts to the environment it is fitted in, so i suspect you'll need to repaint after a year whatever to fill and water-proof any cracks that appear in the joinery.

    They offer PVC and Aluminium too - I tried the latter for a window-cum conservatory at the back fo my kitchen. They subcontracted this, and the quality of both the product and fitting was poor. I rejected it and to their credit they built a replacement in hardwood for the same cost. which I'm very happy with.

    make sure that the work is registered with FENSA ad that you get the certificates (it's legal requirement to comply with building regulations). It looks a few attempts for this to happen.

    BTW: I'd had some of the windows I replaced reconditioned about 5 years previously. Depending on the state that they're in, complete replacement may not be that much more expensive, considering the decorator is going to need to do a lot of prep. Saving that, replacing the sashes themselves is quite cheap (about £250 each) providing they are a like-for-like replacement
  • Henry & Sons Ltd (Brent) did our windows a couple of years ago (and neighbours) - hardwood, double glazed sash windows upstairs and down. Very efficient and friendly service. They're still looking good.
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