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Stroud Green Fruit & Veg have thirteen different kinds of tomatoes

edited August 2018 in General chat
Amazing selection including some I haven't seen before. I bought some plum tomatoes and two purply ones to try - delicious and they smell divine.

That shop is a revelation if you are in the market for organic or whole food. Thought I'd give them a bit of praise as I take their brilliant fruit (the cherries are excellent at the moment) & veg and grocery for granted but some fans of the whole food, organic, and raw food way of eating might not know they are there. Next to the Clapton Craft beer place.


  • Your spot on the olives are also very fresh and nice
  • It's an excellent shop. When it started the range of produce was very small but it has massively embiggened. And yes, their English cherries at the moment are outstanding!
    The people who run it are also very nice. They're behind Blossom White too.
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