Emba Soira

Looong time lurker (10+ years) first time poster, but that only emphasises how strongly I recommend this restaurant. Wonderful Eritrean food served to share with fresh fresh ingredients and a variety of compelling flavours. And the owners! Mother and daughter Eritrean (via Italy) taking a huge gamble here bringing their huge warm personalities and food front and centre to feed charm and entertain. I feel like an advert for these guys. It's exactly what local restaurants should be. Please support them.


  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    lovely review - we’ve been meaning to try for ages.
    will definitely go soon.
  • Will definitely pop by! On my list already 8)
  • Went the other night. Excellent. Really tasty stuff

    Heard two tables complain about vegan food being served on the same plate as meat, though
  • Tried it out tonight. They have now got Ertrean beer in
    You eat the food using your hands and a sort of pancake bread. It is very nice and very different. In India where you rate food with your hands they make a big play getting you to each your hands before hand
    . It is into the loos to do that here. It is okay people are nice but won't be our regular haunt
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