Moving to Stroud Green

Hi all, I am looking to move to North London and my search started in Muswell Hill / Crouch End but looking at places this weekend in Stroud Green. I've heard some good things but don't know the area. Can anyone comment on Granville Rd and that area ? Am around this weekend to get a taste of the area so any things I should definitely visit? Many thanks for your help


  • Good luck. What sort of places are you in to? I'm sure we can curate some recommendations for you.
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    We recently bought a flat in the area and it has only been couple of weeks but so far we really enjoy the area. Good shop, coffee place and good selection to get a bite. We were looking around Muswell Hill and Crouch end which are really great but decided that we did not want to completely rely on the bus that can get really crowded as everybody is going to finsbury park...and the walk to finsbury is decent between 10 to 15 min. Hope you will find what you want in the area. Cheers
  • Granville Road is lovely and quiet, similar to most of the Upper East side.
  • thanks for the replies. I like quirky independent shops, bars etc , somewhere nearby for good walks / cycling, like eating out and reasonable access to central London. Into pubs and bars rather than clubs as getting on a bit. Previously lived in W3 which has pockets of nice places but too many betting shops, pound shops and mobile accessory type places
  • Lots of independent shops of various sorts. The Parkland Walk is pretty unique and links some.of the best parks and woods in London. We have some cracking pubs too, the Brave Sir Robin is as good as it gets if you're into craft beer and you can make a good pub crawl out of the Stroud Green Road.

    Granville is cute and has a pocket park. Harringay Station is very useful and allows you to avoid the immediate environs of Finsbury Park Station. The Londis near the bottom of Granville Rd is arguably the best convenience store in London and has to be seen to be believed.
  • I'll second Arkady's recommendation of the Londis where Ferme Pk Rd meets Stapleton Hall Rd; it has a very wide range of products, although I'd watch the sell-by dates on their packaged produce.

    There's also the library on Quernmore Rd, a beautiful purpose-built brick building from a bygone era when things were done properly. A building to behold even if you don't like books!

    Can anyone comment on the Nicholas Nickelby?
  • Oh yes, and the bike shop (N4 bikes?) opposite Londis is also excellent for a small independent. They'll give you all those small nuts and bolts that the crappy chain shop on Crouch End Hill (with the clueless salespeople who can't even name the parts of a bike!) considers not to be worth stocking.
  • thanks Arkady and Scruffy , all sounding good. Will have a good look around tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend !
  • Reasonable access to central London ! Once your at FP it is 16 mins to Oxford Circus on the Vic line every 90 seconds or so during the week. It is also pretty quick to Holborn on the Pic and there is night tube on both lines on Fridays and Saturdays. SG is one of the great hidden secrets of North London A bit more edge than Crouch End. Try out the Faltering Fullback in Perth Road especially out the back it is unique. The Nick Nick is unique for other reasons but is one of the few places where you can get a pint of Sussex
  • Tell us about the Nick, @Ali !

    Stroud Green Road has many restaurants, including a good Italian and a fine Eritrean at the north (Stapleton Hall Road) end. Actually those two are probably technically at the bottom of Crouch Hill, into which SGR runs.

    Our public transport is very good: once at Finsbury Pk station, you have easy access to Heathrow (well over an hour on the Piccadilly line, but no changes—which is nice if you have heavy luggage or want to have a nap) and Stansted airports, you're five minutes from King's Cross (which gets you onto several other tube lines to almost anywhere in London), to say nothing of all the various buses that leave from the area around the station.
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    If you want something different try Max's Sandwich Shop.

    The White Lion is good for gin spritz type cocktails.

    12 Pins is good for some afternoon sun and Dotori is opposite, not been in Dotori since it reopened but it is still reassuringly rammo so presumably good.

    The Blackstock is my preferred late night option but Zelman is (what can I say?), a bit more upmarket.

    Q+T and The Granary win hands down for me in the restaurant wars currently, great food and great service (always worrying that they both know my name and order) :)
  • Thanks for all the advice and positive comments. Did a few viewings on Saturday. Loved the view of the city from Granville Road. Road itself seems really quiet and better than I expected. Had a great coffee & cake in Vittorio’s after. Second viewing on Wednesday and will sample one of the restaurants or pubs in Stroud Green Road
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