How dare Tesco steal the name of this venerable Stroud Green institution! The fellas at Jack's should write them a stern letter.



  • I cannot believe the pictures of people queuing from 3am for it. What are they thinking?
    It's a discount supermarket, stocks will be replenished.
    It's no wonder this country is going mad at the seams.
  • And bursting as a hatter?
  • And bursting as a hatter?


    We can use it as our new post Brexit slogan to attract visitors and businesses alike.

    Britain: Mad at the seams and bursting as a hatter.

    Come on in, you know you want to.
  • i'm sure if the off-licence opened AFTER the tesco project, they'd be sued for use of name. offie jack should def consult a lawyer and see if there's money to be made, or a cease and desist order - might get him some free publicity at least.

    i remember during the london olympics a stratford long-established caf called the 'olympic cafe' was told by the olympic body that it couldn't use the name any more - they were fiercely litigious!
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