Oktoberfest in Finsbury Park

Surprised I haven't seen any moaning about this yet... ;)


"The organisers behind the Canary Wharf Oktoberfest are putting on a spectacular event at north London's Finsbury Park, welcoming over 3,000 guests."

All the beer, bratwurst and oompah bands you could dream of.

18-31st October, though it's only open Thu-Sun, and for Halloween.

Watch out for drunk lads in lederhosen!


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    How refreshing! Like a rock concert but with less noise and a lot more drunken pissing everywhere. I wonder who are the bigger mugs; those who pay extra to have access to the “VIP priority” toilets, or those who pay the standard rate, knowing that their toilet needs are anything but a priority for the organisers. Well there they’ll go; disseminating disease and discontent, doing drugs, dumping detritus, disturbing the ducks…

    (Will that do, CityOfSin?)
  • The idea is to get everyone too drunk to fight and break things, but not die.
    The sweet spot of drinking.
  • Wonder how much a pint will be.. These things always end up badly, probably cheaper to fly to Munich for a non-Octoberfest weekend in a Brauhaus
  • I had to get a second mortgage when I came back from Munich so at least it will be authentic on the price point.
  • AliAli
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    I doubt very much they will be selling beer by the pint!
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