DIY - do it yourself course

I am terrible at DIY but want to get good at it. Are there courses for this - maybe run by Haringey, or at City Lit/City & Guilds or somewhere? Any advice gratefully received!


  • I have done courses at City Lit and they are very good for beginners but i have always outgrown them quite quickly.

    I am not talking about DIY here but language and different IT courses and they are all aimed at beginners in my opinion.

    I have heard that Able skills in Dartford do good DIY courses, as told to me by someone who did one and then went abroad to work on a farm or something.

  • I can tell you that the most important thing is to buy some decent tools, they will last you a lifetime, the amount of people that struggle with cheap tools is amazing.

  • Thanks HolbornFox - much appreciated!
  • I took a course at The Goodlife Centre which was good, but a bit expensive for what it contained.

    I learned more by talking with a DIY-competent friend who also has kit I can borrow whilst I decide what to buy. So maybe try finding out if any of your friends has skills and is happy to work with you?
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