Plane noise?

Hi all,

We moved to Stroud Green couple of weeks ago on Victoria Road and it surprised us to actually hear quite a bit the planes...Is that something that has always been like that or is it more recent?

Thanks for your feedback.


  • It seems a bit louder in the mornings at the moment but plane noise is usual, yes. Starts around 6.30am.
    We get a lot of npolice helicopter action too.
  • if you get the app flight radar then you can observe what plane models, airlines are making the noise overhead. You can then specifically put a complaint into Heathrow. In the 10 years I have lived in the area I havent noticed plane noise as much. When I lived in West London during University in the villages of Barnes and Fulham the noise was terrible.
  • South west London is awful for it. I occasionally have to go to Richmond and can't wait to get away as they are flying quite low on the approach, the volume and frequency of the noise is really stressful. No idea how anyone tolerates that every day.
  • I guess you get used to it.. I can't say i've ever noticed plane noise in SG in my 10 years in the area.
  • once living here for a while i think we all get used to it, but we are directly under one of the holding circles for heathrow. depending on the direction of the wind, which affects which runway gets used at different times of day, it goes in bursts.

    when/if the climate criminality of another runway gets built, it will of course worsen.
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    I lived in SG for years and although plane noise is perceptible at times, depending on which flight path/holding pattern Heathrow is on, I never found it intrusive.

    I now live in Richmond, Kew to be precise, where it's entirely a different story! I knew what I was signing up for when I moved here but nothing quite prepares you for the ferocity of having Airbus A380's and 747's thundering over your roof every 60 seconds from 4.30am until 11.00pm. I can practically wave at the passengers as they skim over my roof with their landing wheels already down.

    Count your blessings! :-)
  • Considering London is a major city with several airports, I'd say this bit of London is not bad at all for plane noise. Sure, you do hear some planes from time to time, but they're not especially obtrusive, and I'd argue that the (still occasional) helicopter noise is more disruptive as that lasts a lot longer.
  • Cast your minds back to this thread to recall how things could be.

    I didn't get to experience it - I was stuck in Madrid.
  • It's funny, I grew up in Victoria Road, and moving back here a few years ago, if anyone had asked me about aircraft noise in the area, I'd have said there was none at all—except that my (foreign-born) wife has mentioned it in the past few years. I think some people just filter out certain repetitive or every-day environmental noises, such as clocks that chime the hour or timing devices that go "ping!"
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