Moray Road, Charteris Road—Pronunciation?

Since it's been so quiet here lately, it seems a good time for me to make an idle inquiry:

My subject is the names of two streets just to the west of Stroud Green Road and north of Finsbury Park Station; Moray Road and Charteris Road. I've wondered over the years how people pronounce those street names, particularly whether the names are (or ever were) pronounced as they would have been as last names, i.e., MUH-ree and CHAR-ters, as opposed to the more likely phonetic renditions of MAW-ray and CHAR-ter-iss. Indeed, are there any other local place names with alternative, contested, or contentious pronunciations?


  • Mo (with a short O) - Ray, like the eel.Otherwise it would be Murray. Wasn't aware it was contested.
    Although the Scots would have it as Muh - ree, like the Firth.

    The street names round here are all pretty straightforward.
  • My point, @miss annie , is that those two names aren't straightforward at all.

    Was the street named after someone who pronounced their name MUH-ree, or anything to do with the area in Scotland? (As for the eel, I've always heard it pronounced MAW-ray, not MORR-ay—not that I've had many conversations on the subject, you understand—so not even that is straightforward).

    The surname Charteris is always pronounced CHAR-ters, but I've hear people pronounce the street name as CHAR-ter-iss.
  • Also Shar-teris!

    Let's not even get into Reg-ina or Reg-Ina.
  • Good point, Arkady. Some modern classicists even say Reg-EE-nah, with a hard G (as in “gag”).
  • Ah yes. We don't know whether it was pronounced 'Caesar' or 'Kaiser' after all.
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