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Islington leaseholder cyclical works

Is anyone else here a leaseholder living on the Islington side of SGR? We've had our first taste of the cyclical repair works over the summer, and it's been shambolic to say the least.

As I type, the third iteration of contractors are off fetching tiles to repair some damage caused during work to address the first set of cyclical-works-related damage we had. Dealing with Rydon (the council-appointed company who oversees this work) has also been a less than joyful experience.

I am fortunate to be able to work from home to keep an eye on things, like asking if they perhaps would mind not putting their paint cans down directly on our bedroom carpet...

I'm just wondering if we've had a particularly unfortunate experience, or if that's pretty typical of the treatment that other folks have had?


  • You'll no doubt be billed for all three iterations. One of my neighbours was none too impressed the last time round to be billed for a portion of the cost of the works-compound used by the contractor - despite them only painting her front door - which they inevitably did badly.

    The neighbour on the other side had an experience similar to yours (at the time, Kier Islington) - they'd put up scaffolding to inspect the roof, not actually done much work, then dropped a pole through it whilst taking the scaffolding back down.

    If you possibly can, I recommend buying out your freehold. We did, and had our roof replaced at roughly the same time the rest of the street was getting its cyclical maintenance - mostly consisting of scaffolding everything, to do an inspection, but barely any actual work getting done. At one point we were on the scaffolding with our roofing contractor and the borough surveyor, who was there to inspect some party wall work. The former took some pleasure in pointing out to the latter the decades of cowboy work visible at roof level up and down the street.
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