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Haringey Electric Charge Points

Here is the map - anyone notice a big gaping hole in coverage.... ?

I did point this out during the consultation period and they declined to respond.
I don't see any changes to the original indicative sites - they just arent providing a general map of the final agreed sites anymore (so you can no longer see the big gaping hole)...


  • Fair point, though there are a few already on the Islington side of the border in Finsbury Park/Stroud Green area e.g. Ambler Road, Evershot Road and Hanley Road plus a rapid charger (particularly useful for mini-cabs) at Seven Sisters Road - see map at

  • Yes, finally, Islington put some in after years of the nearest ones being the Whittington or Highbury Fields.

    Been a long while considering the council's stance on pollution, but at least it finally got its act in gear.
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