• Punishing someone for the sins of the son. A party with liberal in its name making hay over prohibition. Pfffffffff
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    They're complaining that he hasn't had the good sense to resign as a councillor - and that the Labour party appears be taking no action to force is hand.

    Update: He finally did.
  • Why should he have to resign?
  • He should have resigned out of common sense, although, being caught smuggling drugs (while in office?) seems to indicate he's somewhat disadvantaged in that sphere. Who wants a councillor who is a convicted criminal?

    Even if we cynically assume that councillors have a tendency towards crime because the office attracts the wrong type of person (so none of them are trustworthy), I'd rather have the criminal whose crimes are a little less sociopathic and who was capable enough not to get caught.
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    I'm genuinely curious where on his person he had 2 and a half grands worth of ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and cannabis stashed.
  • The way the police calculate drug costs is bogus.
    He had an oz of mdma, 7g of coke, and 5g of ket.

    I'd say 800 quid from a good dealer, or from any tor website.

    It'snot that much for a group of 6 friends at a messy 4 day festival. It's still a good Baggy of drugs. But still would fit in one hand easily.

    But sharing with mates is still intent to supply.

    More dramatic than necessary as a news article.

    I'm probably more likely to vote for someone who likes a good time!

  • If you are elected to be a Councillor you have responsibilities to act as a role model as well as the privileges that go with the job - when such a person’s conduct falls below the standard of behaviour the community has a right to expect they should resign without being asked.
  • Is it bad to get off your box at festival, though? :smiley:

  • Is it bad to get off your box at a festival, probably the answer would be yes. It seems like drug use is okay while attending a festival, yet if it were to come out that the youths who have caused the mini riot were found to be under the influence of drugs it would be frowned upon.
  • I'd love to see people trying to rob a shop on ket and mdma.
  • He should also be ejected from the Labour Party for wilfully bringing it (and the council) into disrepute.
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