Porcheta is closed

Anyone know why? Thought it looked like a flood inside


  • Thought the whole chain had folded and remaining restaurants were just seeing out their lease and then closing. The one in Angel has been closed for quite a while.
  • It's been dying a slow death for years like the one in Muswell Hill, used to be great but went massively down hill.
  • Still does the best pizzas.

    But suffered the world's strangest refurb reaction, when somehow getting rid of the walls with paint peeling off and breeze-blocked doorways to the old second half managed to detract from people wanting to go there.

    It's crying out for someone to revive it.
  • Can't say I'm surprised. It was a pioneer once but now that kind of pizza is ubiquitous and done better. Plus they really lost out to Pappagone's when they got rid of the wood oven. Weird decision!
  • I think after the refit in 2010 it lacked its original authentic atmosphere. The staff all changed from the original Italian to a mixture of nationalities and it just had a chain feel to it. I think the SG one was the original and it expanded to one or two others for a decade., then expanded to more than five over the 2000s Still had the occasional takeaway, the pizzas were still very good, but not as cheap and as tasty I think as back in its heyday.
  • They also had a beer tap in there for a while and then got rid of it, stupid decision, the food was pretty good IMO but as said superseded by the likes of Saporita.
  • It way the second restaurant on that part of SGR must have been there for about 25 years. The other restaurant was the vegi Indian and thrrey as a jdbab shoot where the Granary is
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