• What are they meant to do?

    I lived on upper street for a couple of years. Rubbish bags were to be left in the street twice a day in a one hour windows. If you left them outside this time you got a fine. (Which they were quite tight on)

  • You can report waste with the Islington Clean Streets app.... except that it directs the report to what it thinks is the correct borough (Haringey also using.. and Stroud Green Road is right on the borough boundary - and it's frequently wrong.
    The two councils claim to have an agreement to pass on misdirected reports, but this doesn't seem to happen.

    I've had better luck with LBI's anti-social behaviour team. One offender was the Crisis shop who's rubbish was left overnight and frequently blowing around the pavement the next morning. They have a new collection time and collection point. Amazingly for a recently built shop it doesn't have a bin-store - not that the residents of the flats above who do actually use it properly. the ASB team is apparently onto that one too.

    They are currently investigating why a large amount of correspondence belonging to a women living in Digby Crescent (Hackney side of the park) was dumped on the pavement last week.

  • Difference with Upper Street and N1 is that our egalitarian council in Islington seems to be a lot keener on making sure the posh end of the borough is kept clean than doing so up here.
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