Finsbury Park loses 'Green Flag' status

As reported in the Tottenham Independent:

Story carries quotes from local councillor, Friends of Finsbury Park and spokesman for Keep Britain Tidy (who run the Green Flag scheme).

The Council say the loss of status is not due to the impact of hosting Wireless Festival, but is instead down to a range of maintenance and cleaning issues. Perhaps the maintenance and cleaning needs wouldn't be so acute without the footfall and associated damage caused by events such as Wireless. On the other hand, the Council would probably have less money to tackle the issues without the fees generated by those big events.


  • Nice article. If the park was swimming in cash as it should be, they wouldn't lose the flag. Nice to have an objective measure on what is absolutely obvious to everyone that visits it.
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    Never seen an attendant/park keeper there. The bins get emptied semi regularly but no one just looking after the place. And some people are just untidy vermin who treat any public space as a tip.
  • I think Wireless is a red herring personally. I can put up with it. I don't particularly care if all the money goes back into the park. But I care very much about the park and one way or another I want it back at green flag levels of maintenance and cleanliness.
  • I was threatened and chased by a group of young men when I was riding my bike through the park a couple of years. I called the police as there was no one to ask for help.
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