Incident at Stapleton Tavern?

_Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
Police, flashing lights, and someone getting carried away on a stretcher. Happening right now (7pm Saturday) - anyone know what’s going on?


  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Update - according to someone working at Sainso, it was a stabbing. The stabber took off running towards Hornsey Rd.
  • I can confirm., a stabbing. I was on the scene, more later
  • OK here is what I know - from various sources including personal involvement. Guy was stabbed in or around Japan Crescent. He was stabbed about 6 times. He walked as far as Stapleton Tavern and then collapsed in porch. Most people assumed he was drunk. Somebody called 999; then bar staff investigated & saw he was bleeding from abdomen. I was on my way in and took an interest.
    Realised he had been stabbed, not drunk. I talked to him to keep him awake. We staunched bleeding and kept him awake. Emergency services ařrived.

    The scariest thing is that most people in the pub didn't know about this, carried on drinking. Why should they? Is this the New normal?
  • Sounds like you did a good thing there.

    These incidents are ghastly, but even with recent growth they are still rare and an outlier in a time of falling crime rates. I'd be interested to know whether this wss an exception, but these incidents are generally drug gang related and are unlikely to go away as long as drugs are illegal and profitable, I.e. until we have a rational drugs policy.
  • Was this the same incident that caused Elthorne Park to be closed off or was that another stabbing on the same night?
  • Elthorne Park was lunchtime on Friday. Both stories are now on the Islington Gazette website. However, all the pertinent facts are above.
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