Doorstep Begging

Hello All

For the second time in a week (always around 11pm) the doorbell has gone and I've had a woman begging on the intercom. She says her friend is staying over and they have no money for electric or food. I haven't gone down or anything but it's all very strange. It's become a regular occurrence on SG and Hanley Road with people stopping me aggressively asking for money.

I was wondering if any of you have heard or experienced this recently with people at your home?


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    I've experienced it only as an obvious con, rather than straightforward begging: Bloke rings the doorbell some time after 10PM with some bullshit story about recently having moved into the neighborhood and not having this or that for "the baby" (food, heating, or whatever), and can he "borrow" £10 which he promises to pay back tomorrow…

    A firm but dignified "Oh just fuck off!", followed by a swift slam of the door is payment aplenty for such a bald and unconvincing narrative.

    (And now, to cap it all, he won’t even lend me his lawn mower! Knew he was a rum sort as soon as I set eyes on him.)
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    I have encountered one aggressive beggar in the area.

    Female, slim, of mixed heritage, bleached hair, stops passers by, says she is not an addict and that she is homeless and cannot get any benefits. I have seen her in action quite a few times. Last time she followed me when I didn't engage with her and only desisted when I walked into a shop.

  • I've encountered the same female, quite aggressive, followed me down the road looking for money for a hostel for the night. Had to do the same & dive into a shop!
  • Oh yes. Seen her a couple of times, and agree that her approach is aggressive.
  • You could ask her which hostel is charing her for the night. Then phone the police and report aggressive begging.

    I've seen her on more than a few occasions - usually hanging around between Sainsbury's and the World's End, and quite in-your-face about it.
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    What happened, people, when you notified the police? Seems like a fragile (albeit aggressive) person - possibly under care - who might need professional help ...
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