Next Book Club 14th Jan - 'The Bell' by Iris Murdoch

Time to put that new year's resolution to 'get out more and meet local people' into action! Come join our lovely book group to discuss Iris Murdoch's The Bell.

8pm at The White Lion, Monday 14th January

According to The Guardian: 'The 1958 tale of lost souls in a lay community has an almost Wodehousian charm – and offers the reader some uplifting lessons in love. The plot is both comical and moving, and it’s a book that everyone who’s ever been tempted to throw in the towel and become a hermit should read.'

We usually try and get a table at the back of the pub and have copies of the book out on the table so anyone new can spot us. This Monday is a bit of a one-off as we normally meet on a Wednesday once a month.

Come along armed with your suggestions for our February read.


  • Re-reading this after years and loving it - this is going to be my Christmas read. Worth the effort whether or not I make the Book Club dissection.
  • Hi book clubbers, Mike and I have been reading the Bell but unfortunately won’t be able to make it tomorrow as we have a friend visiting. It’s a shame because I wanted to hear if anyone else read and actually understood the Introduction by A.S.Byatt (1999 ed). Excited to hear what the next boook is.
  • As Naomi mentioned, sorry to be missing book club this morning - it was a good read! We'll see you in Feb.
  • Sorry to hear you have to miss this one. If you have any suggestions for next month’s book just drop us a line here.
  • I'm really sorry, but due to a work issue I won't be able to come tonight either.
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