Library of Things

I recently went on a tour of the Library of Things in Crystal Palace and I am interested in starting a one in the area (Finsbury Park / Stroud Green). If you are interested, please let me know!

What is the Library of Things?
- Website here:
- It is a place for people in the neighbourhood to borrow things - home appliances such as carpet cleaner, electric drill, gardening equipment, amplifier etc. Most of them are heavy or expensive things that you would use once in a while, but are hesitant about buying.
- It is a space for the neighbourhood to get together, to learn DIY and repair skills.
- The first Library of Things started in London a few years ago in Crystal Palace, and they are looking to expand. It’s run mainly by volunteers.

I don’t work for the Library of Things. I am a resident in the area interested in starting one. If you’re interested in learning more about it or helping to start one, let me know.

Once we have got a team, the first thing we can do is to organise a trip to the Library of Things in Crystal Palace and understand how it works in practice. Then we can start planning (e.g. fund raise, finding a site, recruiting volunteers etc.)


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