SG Market Update: New Fish stall better than before!

Happy New Year everybody!

Wanted to mention this new stall starting THIS SUNDAY as there have been a few attempts to introduce a market fishmonger before which haven't worked out. This, though, is the best we've had! and I'm really keen to get the word around so I hope you'll excuse this bit of promo.

Martin Yorwarth is the fisherman and it'll either be him or his wife who'll be selling it. They'll be fishing with their 2 small boats off the coast of Newhaven on SATURDAY NIGHT/SUNDAY MORNING, meaning that the fish will be glistening fresh when it arrives.

Recent catches have included Lemon Sole, Squid, whiteing, Gurnards, Plaice, Crabs, Turbot, Dabs, Dover Sole, Horse Mackeral & Skate

The prices are good and they're lovely people too.

More info about the market including a few other new stalls at week

THANK YOU EVERYONE who comes to visit and buy their groceries or even just have a mooch around and a cup of coffee! It's really thrilling and so encouraging how much support we've had recently: since September I've felt that it really can be a sustainable and long term feature which hopefully benefits the area.

As always, any feedback's really welcome...

Bye for now!



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