Transgender Trend meeting on Tuesday, Feb 12

Haringey Resisters has organised a talk by Stephanie Davies Arai and Claire Graham on Tuesday evening, (Feb 12) 7pm, at a local venue. Stephanie is the founder of Transgender Trend, which produced an evidence-based information pack to help schools best support transgender children and their peers. Clare Graham is an education specialist, plus has knowledge of the condition commonly referred to as intersex. Julie Bindel will chair.

The meeting is for anyone concerned or who would like to know more about the social and medical transitioning of children and the introduction of gender identity teaching in schools.

Stephanie was shortlisted for the John Maddox Prize for Science in November. The prize recognises the work of individuals who promote sound science on a matter of public interest often in the face of adversity.

The meeting is open to all and free.

There is a poster about the meeting on the website - - which says the venue will be announced at 4pm on Tuesday.


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