Large sewing "pack" needles (free)

Blimey, it's been unusually quiet here lately! A good time for a near-idle and potentially futile posting:

I'm giving away a pack of 22 somewhat antique 5" pack needles; the type that might be used for sewing heavy materials such as canvas sails or sacks. There was no interest for them on eBay, so I thought I'd offer them here. (Please don't leave me to post them on Freecycle, one gets inundated by loonies with silly questions!)

They're in the original paper wrapping, and the label reads:

Jas. Smith & Son's
Best Cast Steel
Pack Needles
No. 10 x 5"

The needles are in excellent condition (no rust!), but the packet looks very old, and might be 100 or more years old.

Collection will be from Victoria Road.


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