What is it...?

Does anybody know what the shop unit is on the corner of Japan Crescent, opposite the pizza place and over the road from max? It appears as a modern kitchen but looks odd as someone's house with the blinds fully open, but doesn't look commercial....number 28...?


  • Are you sure you aren't just looking in to someones house?
  • I too am mystified by the appearance of the golden mixer tap. Of course the site has changed its function not to mention aesthetic merit many times over the last 30 years... from appalling Chinese takeaway in the early 90's, through the glory days of La Ventura (when regulars included Stanley Baxter, Leo Sayer and assorted gregarious low life), Careful with that Kebab Eugene's ocakbasi, then a ghastly painted grope centre ashram when rumours of a Knocking Shop cum porno factory abounded. I'm sure it can't be as simple and as mundane as some kind of kitchen appliance outlet, the site's heritage is too rich to take that...
  • I did hear once it was a porn film studio behind those curtains, but I find it hard to believe the set consisted of a kitchen counter and a mixer tap. Unless......
  • Max told me the 'film' studio rumour too.

    Has it been converted to residential on the sly?
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    Owner's appeals in 2017 against a spanking from Islington Council for change of use from commercial to residential without permission were turned down.
  • La Venture was superb.
  • So did they just close the curtains and pretend that it hadn't been converted, or were they able to take a fine and not change it back to commercial?
  • Agreed, Ali - the chef there was outstanding.
  • Latest theory: it's going to be a shopfront for the pottery just across the road in Japan Crescent. Note the ceramic lightshades and coffee cups and saucers left artfully lying around. (NB: who knew there's a pottery there. But there is, take a look. They might want a retail space?)
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