49a Oxford Road.

Dear residents of Stroud Green. Just want to update you on the latest offering from the builders at 49a Oxford Road.
4 Houses on Woodstock Road back on to a third party public wall. This wall has stood between us and the old former clothing factory that was on 49a Oxford road. The wall has stood for many years undisturbed and we had no problems with our former neighbour. It has offered us security and privacy. When the present owner bought the property they wanted to bring the wall down to build his micro flats. We successfully challenged the application via the council planning dept.
The council now has given them permission to demolish the wall and repair it to their advantage. This we feel will reduce the wall's size. The council did not consult the residents or make know to us another application had been placed by the present builder and was granted.
They have entered my garden illegally, placed scaffolding and sheating in my back garden along with the other residents The noise is unbearable, the fine dust is like a snow storm every day in our gardens.
Please can anyone help us. I'm sure what's been done by the Council and the builders are illegal. I think it bullying by both.
Is there anyone in the community who has links to the media, BBC , ITV, local news papers, anyone who works for a law firm who can offer any advice. I would be most grateful for any help please.


  • If someone put a load of scaffolding in my garden I'd be taking it and selling as scrap.
  • I'd be tempted to report it to the same council as illegally dumped. In the meantime, another builder would probably be only too glad to quickly take it away for free.
  • Thank you . Will consider.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I would probably write to the builder and owner of the building and ask that the scaffolding is removed in 24 hours or you will remove it yourself. If it was me I would be very tempted to say that I would be prepared to grant a short term licence to occupy of say X weeks for a fee of X paid in advance. I guess it depends on how disruptive this is to you and how important it is to the adjacent owner to be able access your land in order to carry out the works to the adjacent property. Will it cost him a lot more money to do it another way?

    If someone entered my land and started doing what they liked without my permission i think that basically the gloves are off and it's already a boxing match.
  • Thank you. .Great advice
  • @LilyPink , please let us know how this plays out in the end.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    And if he does need access to your land to build said wall, a condition of you allowing access is that he builds the wall in a way you are happy with. I.e back to original height, suitable materials. This is obviously based on no knowledge of the reality as I have never seen your wall etc.
  • Thank you Grenners. I'll keep you updated.
  • 49a oxford road. Oxford House.
    Good evening everyone...we need your help.
    The developer has re submitted a application for a further 5 luxury flats in addition to the 14 already planned for the property. We successfully challenged with 63 objections against it in 2008.That application was ruled "not determined" for technical reasons, this means we have to submit are objections again ,in order for them to be taken into account!
    In order to prevent this new plan we again need an overwhelming number of objections(above 60) submitted from those who live in proximity and nearby streets.

    We urge you to read the details online and to submit your objection to the planning application via the following link: http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk

    Search for HGY/2019/0688 at the address 49a Oxford Road. Then click on the button"Comment on Application" and fill in the form.

    It takes 48 hours for an objection to appear-but please check it does.

    I received over 800 views when I initially submitted about the public wall please,please can I ask you to stand by the residents of the immediate and surrounding area near to 49a Oxford House and support us in raising your objections.
    This is a conservation area and the Council is not listening to us.

    The deadline is -Friday -05 April 2019.

    Thank you everyone .

  • Why should we object? Is it bad somehow? I feel like I'm missing something.

    It's just that derelict mess of a buding by the park right?
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