Climate Change and Ecological Destruction - what can we do?

While corporate media, the (highly subsidised) fossil-fuel corporations, and governments continue to ignore the warnings of 97% of the world's climate scientists (ie those not paid huge sums by corporates to confuse the issue), you might be feeling a little powerless about your children's and with luck grand-children's futures.

However, people are getting organised all over the world, and if you haven't heard of Extinction Rebellion yet, you might want to check what they've already done in London and ask yourself how come you didn't hear about it.

But better still, you can come and meet local 'rebels' at this child-friendly party-style event in Crouch End on Sunday.

Family friendly, peaceful (but maybe slightly naughty?) outreach event in central Crouch End N8 on Sunday afternoon.

Face-painting, mask, flag & banner making, clothes printing, music, poetry, talks, food and more...

Find out what the politicians & news corporations haven't been telling you about our future, how you can play a more active role in shaping it - and tell us what you think!

This event will be followed up by a public talk / community organising meeting at Union Church and Community Centre the following Tuesday evening:


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    One of the biggest changes you can make is have fewer children.
    Fly less, drive less, stop buying hot drinks in single use cups, stop buying water in single use bottles, check your product labels -boycott palm oil.
    I was talking to David Wallace Wells, author of The Uninhabitable Earth, about this a few weeks ago. We all individually have to make big changes and we have to do it now. Don't leave it all to policy makers.
  • Absolutely. Both radical individual action, as well as radical pressure on policy and media, is needed. Some young women are on #BirthStrike addressing your first point. Having a child is actually one of the biggest climate change contributions you can make. Depressing but true!
  • I wish I could have made this event! Thanks for sharing - I will definitely try to make one in the future!

    I wonder if anyone reading this would be interested in an upcoming symposium I am co-curating at OmVed Gardens in nearby Highgate on Sat 4 May?

    Set in the beautiful restored glasshouses at OmVed, this rewilding forum brings together experts and the wider public for a day of debate around ecological awareness, human re-involvement in natural processes, ways of living within healthy ecosystems and the role of science, art and architecture in protecting and restoring our ecosystems. Expect talks on rewilding in practice, environmental aesthetics, ecofeminism, natural networks, urban biodiversity, interspecies collaborations, rewilding architecture, and more!
    See the full programme here:

    I'm a local Stroud Green resident (Stapleton Hall Road) and can testify that it's a lovely walk up to Highgate along the Parkland Walk!
  • That looks great, thanks for sharing!
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