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Cut internet cables

Has anyone else had their internet cables cut this week. When we called out Virgin to find out why our internet wasnt working they found the cables had been cut. Creepy, but then several other neighbours have had theirs cut too.
Any other roads affected?


  • Cut on the outside of your house?
    Or cut at one of the many street side boxes that are in a terrible state of repairs, doors hanging open, and rubbish stuffed in them?

    I'm not surprised that it doesn't happen more, tbh.

    I hope it gets fixed soon!
  • yes cut on the outside of the house
  • Thats really annoying. Should be very quick for them to fix though
  • They have been fixed. Just an odd thing to do.
  • The Virgin cabinet on the end of my street could regularly, over the last 10 years, be seen knocked off its base, leaning precariously and with its doors wide open. Practically inviting somebody to tamper with it - or simply piss in it.
    It's far from the only one I've seen in this state. Virgin really don't help themselves here.
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