Anyone voted today? Was it busy? I hear that the turnout was fairly low.

I'm a postal voter so I miss the fun of going down and ticking a box.


  • There was about 30 choices on the ballot.
  • Yeah it was a bit wallpapery

    A friend who always votes, but also always spoils his form said it was excellent for drawing an especially large cock and balls on
  • A smallish but steady stream of people when I went this morning at about 8am. No queuing. And yes, you had to unfold and then unfold again the ballot paper to reveal all the contestants’ names. I don’t recall the last name on the list but I don’t fancy his/her chances.
  • Was there much in the way of party member people outside taking records and asking questions
  • None that I saw.
  • We voted at Lennox Rd. It was quite busy, no one outside taking records.
  • There was one from Labour at my polling station. I refused and told another voter who was getting officiously questions that she didn't need to provide them - no doubt much to the annoyance of canvasser.
  • I went to the one at Stroud Green School at 6.15pm. Only one person in front of me, and no-one outside with a clip board.
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