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Can anybody recommend a place that will service my bike. Doesn't have to be dirt cheap I just want a professional, knowledgeable job. I've had issues in the past with one local place who clearly weren't test riding and were missing out other services they promised. Another in Finchley was similar. I actually found Evans did the best job but apparently that's closed?

So if anyone can particularly recommend somewhere it would be much appreciated.


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    I’ve found N4 bikes to be good. They’re at the Stapleton Hall Rd end of Ferme Pk Rd. Small independent. There’s also a good shop on Seven Sisters Road, less than 5mins walk from Finsbury Pk Tube, going towards Holloway (with the archetypal wizened ol’ geezer who can recognise the obscure nut you’ve brought in for replacement at twenty paces.)
  • I've used Lunar Cycles in Kentish Town - very good service, actually recommended me a (cheaper) service to meet my needs and knocked labour off some extra parts I needed.

    I've also had good recommendations for K's Workshop near Archway.
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    Clever Mike (465B Hornsey Rd) are absolutely legend - couldn't do a better job on my all my family's bikes for the past few years
  • Good experiences with Finsbury Cycles on Seven Sisters Road.
  • I've used clever mike a couple of times. Pretty good.
  • Thanks for the feedback.
  • two wheels good in stoke newington are great.
  • just had my bike serviced by Badger Bikes who are a mobile bike service and they did a great job -
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    Finsbury Cycles are my favourite. There's often a bike man at Stroud Green Market on a Sunday too. Haven't used his services yet.
  • I'd like to add some praise for Finsbury Cycles, who today managed to fix an issue with my bike that had me completely at my wit's end/consider getting a new bike, and with which I was turned away by other bike shops (some of which are mentioned in this thread) .... and in the end only charged me for a 'small job', despite putting in several hours. Superstars, if you ask me.
  • Ah, yes. Finsbury Cycles was the one I was recommending on (185) Seven Sisters Rd.
  • Yes I recommend Finsbury cycles. Best work and very reasonable price. Gem of a cycle shop
  • I am happy with micycle at the bottom of Ferme Park/Stapleon Hall (opposite Londis)
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