Cat up a tree?

There's been a cat mewing/howling since at least as early ad 7.30 this morning, somewhere behind the houses in Osborne Road. One of the residents there assures me it's a known local cat who gets stuck up tall trees and is eventually rescued by his owner, but I can still hear him now, nearly four hours later.

Does anyone else living on Osborne Road or the section of Upper Tollington Park that back on to it know what's going on?

I'm going to call the RSPCA, as I'm worried the poor thing might get dehydrated.


  • Update: Managed to contact another neighbour on Osborne Rd. Rescue attempts are being made, so I didn't call the RSPCA.
  • Cat was finally rescued around 3.40 this afternoon.
  • In childhood I remember thinking of police as rescuing cats from trees as one of their lovely attributes. Cats up Trees being rescued beats uncontrolled dogs biting friendly people. My 'aww' meter is high. Love cats. Dogs, are too needy.
  • I'm told Rocky did the same thing last Wednesday, and I can hear him up there again this morning.
  • there was a cat on the roof of the house opposite me for nearly 2 days a while back. I called the RSPCA who said let it be as they will eventually get down on their own. it did
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