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Theft on Oakfield Road

Hello everyone, first time poster! My mother-in-law frequents this forum quite a lot and recommended it to me and my wife. We live at the end of the row of terrace housing on Oakfield Road where it meets Connaught Road in Stroud Green. We have spent the past couple of years cultivating a number of pots and planters outside the front of our house as we don't have a back garden. Hopefully some of you have seen the fruits of our labour when walking past:

We went away for the weekend and were very saddened to find that two of our pots had been stolen from outside our front door. Our neighbour had kindly watered the plants in our absence and noticed them missing on Sunday night. They were fairly large terracotta pots that contained two bay-like trees (technically spherical euonymus trees) and some pansies in the base. They have great sentimental value to us as they were bought by my parents for our wedding and were part of the outdoor structure we got married in. They look like this:

We have registered the theft with the police but are doubtful about them having the time or resources to track down the culprit. We also appreciate that it’s not the most pressing of crimes for them to crack. It’s however sadly made us question the value of putting nice things outside our house if people feel that they can just come and steal them from us.

I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that they were taken this weekend when there was the community festival in Finsbury Park. Our neighbours said that there were many people in our street on Saturday and Sunday. We’re just taken aback by the gall of the person (or people) who stole them. They weren’t content with just taking the one pot with plants, they had to take both of them. They would have been quite heavy and cumbersome to carry, which makes us think they must have had a vehicle to put them in.

Can I ask you guys as our neighbours to keep your eyes peeled for the pots please? Perhaps you’ve noticed two new pots with trees in them appear on your road or maybe witnessed a suspicious person or people carrying them down the road over the weekend. We’re going to leave some posters around the area encouraging people to do the same and imploring the thieves to return them because of their sentimental value.

We also wondered if you’d experienced similar thefts in the past or had any advice on keeping pots and planters more secure in your front gardens?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give us; it’s appreciated.


  • Hi guys, your front garden looks lovely and I'm sorry to hear about your pots. I've got a number outside my house and decided to superglue the most valuable ones to the ground to prevent this kind of thing happening.

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