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Attempted phone theft

ABout 20 mins ago, 3ish Friday 3rd. I was standing outside Urban Native and a scooter rider quietly rode up pavement (north) and as he skimmed between me and the shop, tried to snatch my phone. Luckily he just mised his grip, and went off south down SG Rd. No rear number plate - black scooter. He was quite a big lad with very dark skin - not a teen I think.


  • Bastards!
    I hope you are feeling OK. This happened to my wife a few years back by Shoredtich Park. It took her a while to feel back to normal.

    Seems a brave time to be doing it, what with all the police in North London in and around the park.
  • Thanks, yeah I'm ok. It was quite surreal. I'm a bit angry mainly. Wished I'd realised quicker what was actually happening. After he missed the snatch, he kind of doubled round slowly and stared right at me.If I'd had my wits about me I might have caught the f**ker - there were other people around.

    What's horrible is realising just how aware one has to be with phone out - but I hate living like that.
  • Same thing happened to me outside Shaftesbury about a year ago. It was only because I was like 'why is that moped riding on the pavement?' that I was able to grip my phone tightly and avoid the snatch.
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