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... continue to be a bit up and down. We liked the look of Itto (61 SGR) and ventured in after a long day when we were too exhausted to cook. Mistake. There was only one other occupied table but the two waiting staff seemed completely distracted. Took our drinks order then disappeared. Asked for the wine we ordered. Twice. One of them eventually brought a different bottle. Went away to get the right one. Started doing something different. The food similarly was slow. What was really a shame was that it eventually appeared and was actually rather good! But by that time we were both exasperated and starving so it was a pretty unenjoyable meal. To make matters worse, their billing system automatically includes 12.5% for 'service', but their machine ALSO asks if you want to add a gratuity. It felt like we were being scammed. And the waiting person then positively rude when we declined to add an additional amount.

We used to be fans of Que Me, but their service similarly went rather downhill and we had one unfortunate experience when meals for two of us arrived while the other was waiting another half hour.

Granary Thai we would be much more positive about, though you might want to be cautious if you have allergies. The food tastes really good but is definitely high-salt.

And Petek remains absolutely reliable, very friendly people, excellent food, reasonable prices.


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    Granary is awesome if you like hot food, and as authentic as it gets outside of Thailand IMO.

    Have you tried Q&T? It's another winner.
  • Granary gets my ‘lunch-time’ vote as too Pizzeria Pappagone.
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    I have literally never had a bad meal in Pizzeria Pappagone and I've been there at lunch time, midnight, hammered, down, with family, for cocktails etc. over the years.

    I don't know how they run it so well but it seems busier then ever to me.

    I've been trying lasagne in different restaurants of late (living dangerously) and their one is the best!
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    I'm very excited that Il Piccalo Diavolo is moving onto SGR! While Pappagone's pizza is good, I'll never forgive the wait staff that made a comment about the colour of my partner's skin so won't be going back. Diabolo's pizza is a great competitor, and I've just discovered Hana Maria is as well!

    I've been rather disappointed with the roasts at the local pubs lately. The parsnip I got from the dairy would have been better served as a drum stick!
  • How much bigger is the Porchetta premises than Piccalo's current gaff? Or is it just a better location?

    With apologies to long-time followers of this site who recall Hana Maria's previous incarnation, I'm genuinely told that it has THE BEST PIZZA IN STROUD GREEN, though have yet to try it. Any recent opinions?

    While I'm here - the vegan burger at the Brave Sir Robin is superb, as is their vegan take on loaded fries.

  • Porchetta's old premises is probably 5 times as big as the current premises.
  • Much bigger than the old Diavolo, and definitely a better location, as, by the time you’ve reached the Old Dairy going up SGR from the station, you’ll have been tempted to go into a dozen or so other decent restaurants, and you might not imagine there’s anything worth investigating further up. Also the old location had quite small frontage, which was easy to miss. Not sure about the head waitress who’s replaced the estimable Roberta; A little too much “personality” perhaps? Still, as long as the kitchen can scale up without losing it’s quality, I think PD will do well.

    Piccolo Diavolo is where I’ve eaten most when dining locally. It’s been reliably good. I’ve rarely eaten at Pappagone simply because it’s so noisy there (large floor area but low ceiling?), but the food was good when I last tried it. ( @_bee , did someone there really make a comment about someone’s skin colour???)

    Hana Maria’s pizza was adequate for my tastes; La Saporita’s (Tollington Park) make the best base and would be very good if they used decent quality olives rather what seems to have come out of a can.
  • I had a Hana Maria maybe 10 years ago (I think they sold it by the metre?) and it wasn't great, not been back since to be fair.

    The guy in Diavolo told me he is moving for more space as opposed to location.

    That waitress is friendly alright, she reminds me of the 'ladettes' you used to get in the 90's like Zoe Ball, she's probably just trying to cheer you up gramps!
  • "Gramps" doesn't need to be cheered up, you presumptious young pup (well, cub in your case, I suppose). One day adopting a curmudgeonly air will become fashionable again (then I will need cheering up!)
  • This is the one with the amazing silver hair? She's a bit intense.
  • The silver haired one was Roberta. She had been there at least for the past three years, but left a few months ago.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    @Scruffy unfortunately yes, they really did say something about his skin colour. It wasn’t quite at the n word level, but almost as bad. And you should give Hana Maria another chance! I think they have amazing pizza. Someday I’ll make a website where everyone can rate pizzas... mmmmm...
  • Oh man, I loved Roberta! I love Pappagone too, and am really disappointed to hear of your experience, Bee. Is that person still working there? I know you haven't been back, but have you seen them when you've been passing by? I am of colour also - never had a negative comment there, so I'd hope it's just one dreadful person rather than endemic among the staff...
  • On a cheerier note, I went past Yak & Yeti today, and saw on their door glass a certificate that they had won best curry house in North London at the London Curry Awards last month. And I have a Deliveroo voucher which expires tomorrow... I feel a plan coming on!
  • Any idea what's opening up in the tiny unit next door to Granary? Looks like it might be a coffee place.
  • Anyone know what is happening with Seasons and how long it might be around ?
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    I can't think which other unit it would be.
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